Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cast of Characters

Jimmy and Judy
The parents. They are the official "Breakfast Club" treasurers. Jimmy likes his eggs over easy, his toast whole wheat, and his sausage in link form. Judy is the hash brown queen. According to her, they must be extremely crispy and never frozen.

The daughter. She's a math teacher and a runner. Alex is banned from drinking coffee, so she has tea with an obscene amount of cream and sugar.

The son. He works in the food industry, abhors any breakfast that doesn't include eggs, meat, toast, and potatoes, and drinks too many cups of coffee during the meal.

Alex's best friend and charter member of Breakfast Club. Sarah enjoys a nontraditional breakfast (BLT anyone?) and strong earl grey tea.

Beau's fiancé. Rachael is a completely unpredictable orderer, and consequently is often disappointed with her meal.

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Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog quite by accident. I just read the post on Baker's Wife, and I got to thinking....I KNOW these people....but I always thought JIMMY made the best croissants in the universe. I ate many of them, 30 years ago, when Beau and Allie were mere babes. I happened to have lunch just today, with Clare W. at Ghandi Mahal. Too bad they don't serve breakfast. Great reviews.