Monday, May 22, 2006


Dara Moscowitz - who went to Carleton - has just informed me (through our usual means of communication: her City Pages column) that the meat and eggs at the Bryant Lake Bowl are locally produced, organic, and sustainable. I, therefore, move that we hold some not-too-distant future meeting of our club at the BLB. Can I get a second?

Oh, and thank you Hennepin County for the smoking ban, or I would have never made this suggestion.

OK, carry on.


Amadeus said...


Perley Paap-Crabb said...

Even though I most likely won't be in attendance, I have to add my support to this motion. Let us not forget that the BLB will be either closing or moving next year...get it while you still can.

Fern said...

local, organic, and sustainable can still be bad if the whatever-it-is is swimming in unappetizing grease, which was what turned me off to the blb on my last visit. i mean, grease is good, sure, but but there's a definite window of acceptability there. on the likely chance that my attendance of breakfast club will be greatly diminished in june, however, go on... it will be easier to seat fewer people anyway.