Saturday, May 06, 2006

Places We Haven't Been

So I was looking for some new spots to eat breakfast in the Twin Cities, and I thought I'd start a list so we don't forget to try them. Feel free to add a comment if you find one I should add.
  • Jay's Cafe
    791 Raymond Ave.
    St. Paul
    Sounds a bit more gourmet than eggs and sausage, but it also has hash for the hash lovers in our crowd.

  • Ideal Diner
    1314 Central Ave NE
    Looks small, but very authentic

  • Colossal Cafe
    1839 E. 42nd St.
    Very small, so it might be the place to go on days when we get an early start. It's in my neighborhood, and it looks busy. Plus there is outdoor seating to make it seem bigger.

  • My-T-Fine Bakery/Cafe
    4300 Bryant Ave S
    If it's so close, and gets good reviews, why don't we ever eat there?

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