Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good News/Bad News

The Newsroom
900 Nicollet Mall

You don’t really forget that you’re in a bar when you eat breakfast at the Newsroom in downtown Minneapolis. It’s dim, in that way that’s comforting when you’ve had too much to drink or when you are in the process of drinking too much. Besides, you have to walk past a giant ship of booze in order to get to your table. Needless to say, the Newsroom sports a decidedly different atmosphere from most of our favorite breakfast joints.

Still, we got a seat right away, which always puts us in a good mood. We didn’t really notice all of the TV’s built into the wall until the wait staff turned them all on to show the World Cup action. Fitting for a bar, but not so fitting for a breakfast joint, but then again, Beau was into the game, and I am admittedly a TV snob.

The first piece of good news came with our coffee, which is thick and delicious. It’s the kind of coffee that makes me forget that for me it can only lead to a night of insomnia and nightmares. The really good news was that we each got our own little pitcher of half and half (and when I say “little” I really mean “adequate” which for this crowd means a lot). It turns out to be a relief not to have to share cream with Beau. It reduces the hoard mentality that usually surrounds our morning coffee. The coffee refill pace was also brisk, although Beau begged me not to drink my whole second cup, so I didn’t test it myself.

The next piece of good news arrived on Jimmy and Perley’s plates. It was a steak and egg breakfast which they described as “perfect”. It’s not like I got to taste any of it, because they ate every last bit, but I trust their opinion on steak and eggs. Beau and Sarah also enjoyed their traditional breakfasts.

The bad news came to those of us who strayed, even slightly, from the meat and eggs breakfast. Rachael and I ordered an asparagus omelet, which arrived with limp, grey asparagus stems and nary a tender tip to be seen and with overcooked and dry eggs. I’m not going to lie. This was the worst breakfast of my entire summer. Judy also expressed a distinct lack of enthusiasm for her waffle with fruit.

So, go to the Newsroom, by all means, especially if you want to watch TV while you eat at a dim and drapery-hung table, but if you go be careful what you order. Just pretend you’re a reporter who’s been up all night covering an important breaking story, remember all of your stereotypes you've ever had about reporters, and order coffee and a basic high-cholesterol meal. Reporters, apparently, don’t know what good asparagus looks like. They certainly have never seen it in the Newsroom.

PS None of us went to the bathroom while we were there, but it's famous, I guess.


Fern said...

Um, I don't recall attending this particular breakfast club meeting, though I see my name mentioned. Did I disappear into the ship of booze on the way to the table or something?

Amadeus said...

Fern, I think Alex confused you with Perley. It's an easy mistake as you look so much alike.

I'm impressed that Alex remembered as much as she did. I thought about writing a review of the newsroom, but couldn't even remember what I ate. The coffee was GOOD though. Should I feel guilty about my cream hoarding?

Perley Paap-Crabb said...

I have been to the bathroom on a previous visit to this establishment. It was definitley an experience I remember as something like, "wow this is a pretty neato bathroom". What details made it such an experience I have no idea as I was well into a long voyage aboard the USS Drunken Moron.

Alex said...

Aha! That's why I couldn't remember what Fern ordered. Sorry about that. I didn't even visit the Ship of Fools, either.