Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Year in Breakfast

Let's take a trip in the "way back" machine. Do you remember 2006? Long time ago right? It was a pretty good year. A lot of breakfast was had, some good, so good. Beau drank many cups of coffee with excessive amounts of cream and sugar, Judy had a lot of poached eggs, Jimmy sampled the eggs benedict from at least eight restaurants, Alex drank gallons of tea with so much sugar it tastes like a candy bar, Rachael didn't take nearly enough Lactaid pills, and Fern had many, many breakfast burritos. Here are some highlights and lowlights. Note this is NOT one of those annoying 2006 lists, merely a quick recap of our year in breakfast...

Best Overall Breakfast: The Day By Day Cafe. I know it is not a risky choice, but they know what they are doing. We would probably go there once a month if they weren't located in Guam. Well Guam in respect to south Minneapolis. You St. Paulers are really, really lucky.

Best Potatoes: Soba's Cafe. What a complete upset, turns out the best potatoes are neither in the shape of hash browns nor fried on the griddle. The oven roasted potatoes at Soba's are spectacular. One would think you could not reach sufficient crispiness with the oven alone. Not true. On one of our ventures, one member of our group complained because her potatoes were so crispy that they cut the roof of her mouth. Good thing we aren't dainty and particular...oops, never mind let's just move on.

Best Meat: The Corner Table. Local ham and homemade sausage. Enough said. Whenever someone suggests that we go to the Corner Table and Judy says, "Have we been there before and is it good?" All we have to say is, "Yes and yes, remember, it's the place with the meat." That's enough to spark her memory, and if you know Judy that's saying a lot.

Best Coffee/Cream Supply: Trotter's Cafe. Given how difficult and particular we are (and by we, I mean me) only one form of coffee and cream supply would do, do it yourself. I know Alex will disagree with this as she likes to be served, but this is my post, so there. There is no way a waitress can keep up with my standard coffee intake. Trotter's serves great coffee (Peace coffee) and they have a lovely coffee station with ample amounts of condiments. Crema should also get a mention since they are DIY as well, but they have such little space our big group is usually crammed in somewhere and thus the coffee station is inaccessible to many.

Best Meal That Wasn't Breakfast: The Acadia Cafe. Their sandwich selection is simply superb. Completely unrivaled. Every time our breakfast club meetings have a delayed start I try and think of ways to make sure it becomes brunch club and suggest the Acadia. It's that good.

Most Reliable Breakfast: Barbette. We very rarely walk away from a meal at Barbette unsatisfied. The only time Barbette is rejected as an option is when someone in the group has been there recently. We're almost always in the mood for Barbette. There is also the added bonus of having the potential to see a local celebrity. Including, I kid you not, Walter Mondale wearing what appeared to be a woman's sweater.

Best Breakfast Club Post: New Uptowner Cafe. Fern's homage to Jane Austen was simply sublime. I enjoyed reading it so much I forgot that it was a restaurant review and was sad when it was over. Kudos!

Worst Breakfast: The Copper Dome Restaurant. I very badly wanted to the pick the Wilde Roast Cafe, but would have been roundly overruled by the group. Most of the group who had the misfortune of going to the Copper Dome spent their afternoon dealing with stomachs that, "churned like laundry." Not good times.

Feel free to add your own best and worst of 2006 (including worst writer=Amadeus). Here's to a fresh start to 2007 with many new restaurants to explore...


Alex said...

Thanks, Beau. I laughed out loud at poor Walter Mondale and his woman's sweater. I thought it just looked like he had swiped it from Bill Cosby myself. I am also always amused by how many breakfast burritos Fern can scarf down in one year.

My nomination for Best of 2006 is:
Best Breakfast Money Can't Buy
Anything we make in Jimmy's kitchen, including waffles on Christmas morning, and many pounds of meat fried lovingly by Beau.

Alex said...

My other nomination is for Most Inaccurate Grading by the Club and it goes to Hot Plate. I just don't understand how our grade averaged a B- at a restaurant we will never again attend.

Amadeus said...

Very nice additions Al. Hot Plate was a mystery, I feel like the overall grade was skewed by one overly-generous person, like Judy.

I'm sad I missed Christmas morning waffles...

rachael said...

Hot Plate - Oh yeah, Great pancakes. My only positive grade for pancakes in 2006. Actually, the only pancakes I ate in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for hot plate. That place is amazing.