Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rehashing the Town Talk

I believe I gave the Town Talk diner a tepid grade last time. It might have even been as low as a C+. Well, let me tell you, yesterday morning, I ate steak and eggs there that had to raise their grade at least a full letter. Granted, it was 11:00 by the time the food arrived (speed of service lowered the grade, which surprised me because sometimes at the TT you feel over-served), and I had been up since 6:00, and I had run for half an hour of that time, so I was fairly faint with hunger by the time I ate. However, even in my state of near-starvation, I was able to recognize that the food on my plate was flawless. The potatoes were American fries, and they were crispy enough. Yes, I did say that the American fries were crispy enough. It was a good day. The steak arrived cooked exactly to my liking, which is a miracle since I totally choked when I ordered and said something like, "Um, medium. On the rare side. I mean, rare-ish". And the eggs, well, frankly, I don't remember the eggs very well, because I ate them before my plate hit the table. The yolks did mix well with the slight sauce that covered the steak and made for some good plate-sopping. The whole meal made me grateful for food.

But you know how I get when I haven't eaten for seventeen hours.

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