Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lardon means Bacon Fat!

Barbette revisited

So, I'm not the type of person, who could comfortably order my breakfast with a side of bacon fat. I am, however, exactly the type of person who enjoys feeling a nice hunk of perfectly browned bacon fat melt in my mouth. I like the way it gives to my teeth and fills my mouth with rich bacon-y flavor without all of that awkward chewing you have to do with the meaty section of the bacon. I confess that even though I know that for health reasons I should cut the fat from my meat, I do sometimes slip a bite of pure fat into my mouth when I'm eating pork chops, because no other animal can do fat quite as well as the pig. Still, it's hard to ask for something so gross and bad-for-you in a restaurant -- which is exactly why I was so pleased to discover a new word this morning at Barbette. "Lardon" means fatty bacon, but it sounds completely refined and socially acceptable.

My meal was salad greens with poached eggs and a red wine vinaigrette and sauteed mushrooms and good sized pieces of lardon. I played a private game called "move those salad greens out of the way so I can find the bacon fat", and before I knew it my plate was empty and my stomach was nearly full. All I needed to complete the meal was a side of hash browns, which arrived like an advertisement for grated potatoes browned in a pan for breakfast. They were crispy and fluffy at the same time. God, I love Barbette. At first, I was afraid to stray from my beloved eggs Florentine, but my fear was unfounded, because I discovered a whole new world: one where you can ask for bacon fat without sounding like a disgusting pig.

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