Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday is Beer Brewing Day

Herkimer Pub & Brewery
2922 Lyndale Ave S.

Few good things smell as bad or as powerful as beer does when it's being made. Chocolate cake, for example, smells pretty darn good before it's done. Same for spaghetti sauce. Beer on the other hand definitely goes through a ripe and nasty stage. When it's beer in giant vats, it's even worse, and, so, good friends, eat at the Herkimer if you like, but whatever you do, don't go there for Sunday brunch, because Sunday is the day they brew the beer, and, by rights, they really shouldn't even be open. They should make a sign that says, "Closed due to Stinkiness", and we'd all be grateful for the warning.

As it was, we didn't know. We smelled something wretched as soon as we walked in the door, each of us, separately, making our own stinky face (except for Jimmy, who disappointed us by arriving last and without so much as a nose-wrinkle). Because it was late and we'd already gone to one restaurant that wasn't serving food, we chose to ride out the stink. Keep it in mind, though, because I think if you came on a Saturday, you might leave with a better opinion of the Herk for breakfast.

Fern and I both ordered steak and eggs. I got mine over-easy and medium rare. Hers were over-hard and medium. My eggs were over-a-little-too-easy, even for me, actually, since the whites as well as the yolks slimed my plate. The steak was boring. It benefited from ketchup, and I don't even like ketchup.

Judy and Rachael got mushroom and swiss burgers with sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries compared favorably with those at the Blank Grills (which Judy referred to as "limp-dick fries"), and Judy ate her entire burger, which is a pretty high form of praise (although she did stay up all night burning calories, so she was probably starving). Rachael gave it a B. She didn't love the fries, but maybe she's eaten them somewhere better in the past. I haven't, but I'm a Northern animal.

Jimmy had the BLT, and liked it. He didn't like his side salad which came with a sweet dressing, but it looked pretty good to me. Jimmy's the wrong guy to judge a salad with anything sweet in it.

Our average was around a C+. We definitely won't be back on a Sunday. It's questionable whether we need to go there for food at all, but once that beer is done, their beer is definitely worth the trip as long as it's not stinky Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I have eaten breakfast at the Herk each of the three Sundays preceding your experience and nary a stink was encountered. Of course, the Packers were playing at noon on each occasion and the bar was SRO by 11:30. It's fun getting your drink on with 200 temporary best friends on a Sunday morning. The eggs do come out excessively runny but I've come to like it. Nothin' like good hashbrowns soaked in runny egg and steak juice. Yummy.