Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why I Don't Order Pancakes

Blah Restaurant
Who Cares Avenue
Snore, CO

Rachael visited last weekend for a special three-day President's Day weekend. We had a little two-person breakfast club. I hated this place so much that I am not even going to tell you it's name. It doesn't even deserve to be named in a bad review on our blog. We picked it more out of convenience than for any real desire to eat there. It is located close to the Cherry Creek Safeway, which is were we intended to shop after we had breakfast. For this decision, we were punished with a terrible breakfast surrounded by terrible people.

I had one of my infrequent hankerings for pancakes. This occurs every few months. I am disappointed every time I have them, and it takes me until I forget my last horrible experience to have another urge for pancakes. To no one's surprise I am a syrup snob and will only have pancakes if real maple syrup is an option. Luckily "the restaurant who shall not be named" offered real maple syrup for an extra $1.75. Usually that will buy you a thimble-sized cup of real maple syrup. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a veritable carafe of real maple syrup. I soon realized that I received copious amounts of syrup because TRWSNBN makes those gigantic, awful, crumbly, fall-apart pancakes that somehow manage to soak up all of the syrup that you put on them without actually providing any syrup flavor whatsoever. I would pour on syrup, watch it soak into the enormous pancake, then stuggle for a few minutes searching through pancake crumbles for any discernable maple syrup flavor. Why do restaurants think that it is ok to sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to pancakes? I don't think I am the only person that would prefer a stack of smaller pancakes with the proper texture to a giant pancake with terrible, crumbly texture. Are you with me people?

Anyway, TRWSNBN was an entirely forgettable experience that's only merit was to remind me why I should never order pancakes at a restaurant. Hopefully by posting this I will not make this mistake again. Fat chance.

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