Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Really? That's What You Want to Call It?

Has anyone been to this Stabby's? 'Cause every time I drive by I do a double take trying to think of a worse name for a cafe. Still, don't worry. We'll be eating there sometime soon, and we'll get to the bottom of this naming thing. And if it's any good, we'll shout "Stabby's" from the rooftops of the world (no matter how ridiculous that sounds).

Besides, you gotta give them a nod for daring to open a new restaurant in this economy - and another nod for opening on the cursed corner of 42nd and Cedar, former home of the dearly departed Boathouse and also Isabel's (may she rest in peace).

Sorry about the long silence. I'm coaching the math every Saturday, so there hasn't been a breakfast club in a long while. This weekend, Amadeus graduates from his school in Denver. The full club will be reunited in June, at which point we'll entertain you with tales of breakfasts around town.

Until then, enjoy the heat. Or the AC if that's your deal.


carrie said...

Every time I've driven by there since they put the sign up I've wondered when you're going to review it, and what you'd say about the horrible name. It's like a cross between stubby and scabby ... just what I want to think of while I eat my breakfast sausage.

(I think of that place as the Magpie, which I think came between the Boathouse and Isabel's.)

Alex said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot about the Magpie period. That corner is so cursed.

I take the opportunity of driving by to think of more examples of cutsie ways to kill someone. It could have been Stranglie's or Choppy's or Cyanidey's. I agree, though, Stubby and Scabby are both bad breakfast thoughts, too.

Anyway, it's the owner's own nickname, so I guess I should just stop picking on him.

May said...

The owner's a she and it's her nickname. I'm kind of surprised at the widespread negative reaction to the name. Especially in a city where half my friends loved a restaurant called "Mysore."

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