Thursday, August 26, 2010

TCBCB Refresh

Oh, it's been a long time since we've been here to see you, Internet. The cast of characters has changed a bit. The old standbys have been stood up. We got busy. We stopped eating out most weekends. We began to feel like we'd reviewed everything in town (nay, the whole world). One commenter called me a snob (true, true), and Beau, the heart and soul of TCBCB started Studying for his Boards.

I can't really explain how all-consuming Studying for Boards is in this family. We grew up with Judy as a role model, which meant that the words "Studying for Boards" have to be written in capital letters. After all, this is a full time occupation. For Judy, it meant burrowing into her bed, surrounding herself with books and papers, closing the door (in a family that never closed doors!), and muttering to herself about journal articles while she picked bits of skin off her lower lip with the nails of her thumb and forefinger. ("Stop picking at yourself," said Jimmy when I was a kid. "You'll make yourself bleed. Just like your mother.") Beau brought a book about DNA to a recent family reunion, setting himself up in a lounge chair, and interrupting his reading only briefly to chat up his cousins and dip in the lake. There was no physical door on the beach of that lake, but it was closed just the same. It had to be. He was not to be disturbed. He was Studying for Boards.

But the rest of us don't have boards, and we were recognized in a restaurant recently (which -- since the secret plan of this little family blog has always been to take over the world -- seemed like a promising start to world domination). So, we have decided to begin again. Restaurants that we've been to before, we will go to again. Our team of picky eaters and "snobs" will again put pen to paper, to write about hash browns and three eggs with steak and hamburgers before noon. Well, OK, there never have been pens or paper, but you know what I mean...

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for the spam emails - and the non-spam very nice ones that made us want to write again. Today, as the not-too-hot late August sun shines outside the window, anything seems possible. We might just post once a month in the last quarter of 2010.