Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cognitive Dissonance

Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Breakfast club is getting old. Not old in the sense of boring, we've got better things to do than go to breakfast and write about it (we don't). But old in the sense of, people decline a breakfast club invite because they are "tired", or "have a bulging disc (not bulging di_k) in their back", or are late because the baby fell asleep and they didn't want to wake the baby (DON'T WAKE THE BABY). Yesterday's breakfast adventure required no fewer than 12 emails during the week and 7 or 8 texts over the course of Saturday morning. Even with all this planning, only five and a half club members convened at Common Roots Cafe. And that included one member showing up at nine, waiting around for a while by herself, then leaving. Only to make a triumphant return in the middle of the meal because she went home and deemed the house to be too boring since people were just sitting around reading the paper.

I was nominated to choose the location for breakfast club because Alex's original suggestion fell through due to that location's unwillingness to serve brunch on Saturday.  I took this opportunity to be 100% selfish. I chose Common Roots because it allowed Rachael and I to be P.O.S (part of the solution!) and ride our bikes to breakfast. I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago so we are working on using bikes as our main form of transportation during the weekend. Even if it means we nearly break our backs hauling a week's worth of groceries home from the Wedge (first world problems, amiright?).

We want to love Common Roots. This place is completely in our wheel house. Unfortunately their breakfast service keeps us from being all-in on Common Roots. We want to like them so hard that I am not going to even call the bad things bad. I am using that awesome HR term, "areas for improvement".

Let's start with the good though. If you need a quick, on-the-go breakfast you can't go wrong with their bagels. They may be the best in the Twin Cities. They also always have a great selection of fresh cream cheeses. The bakery items look absolutely delicious, although we haven't sampled them. The space is homey and comfortable with enough seating to accommodate large groups. Service is quick and responsive (for counter service). Alex was a champion yesterday, wandering around attempting to get enough ketchup for each person.

Areas for improvement: Eggs, hash, Chai tea, ordering process (clumsy during busy times), turkey sausage. See grades below for full description.

Amadeus-Farmer's breakfast with bison sausage and eggs over easy. The eggs were over hard, which robbed me if my favorite part of the meal, dipping my toast into the egg yolk, full grade deduction. Bison sausage was awesome. B-.

Rachael-Sweet potato hash with bison sausage. Not nearly enough sweet potato. Liked the bison sausage. Chai tea was neither strong nor spicy enough. B.

Alex-Sweet potato hash with bison sausage. Too few sweet potatoes, not crispy at all. Watery Chai. C+.

Patrick-Sweet potato hash with turkey sausage. Patrick had sausage envy and wanted Rachael and I to engage in trickeration to get Alex's bison sausage (we chickened out though). Turkey sausage was bland. B with bison sausage (he thinks), C with turkey sausage.

Judy-Bowl of fruit. She doesn't know how to text her grade to me, but does it really matter? It was just a bowl of fruit.

Baby L (new breakfast club member!!)-Three cooled squares of sweet potato mashed around his fingers and his dad's sweater, a gnawed on soup spoon, and a little bit of breast milk (not on the menu). No grade, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know his letters yet. But I predict that he will learn how to text before Judy does.

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